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Recent Tournament Results 
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2023 Handicap Tournament

9-hole Champion - Debbie Beard

18-hole Champion - Debra Rylander

2022 President's Cup Tournament

9-hole Champion - Jan Johnson

18-hole Champion - Carol Russell

2022 Member/Member Tournament

Laura Mendenhall and Nancy Crocker

2022 WGA Club Championship

18-hole Club Champion - Debra Rylander

18-hole Senior Club Champion - Kathy Urbish

18-hole Super Senior Club Champion - Cathy Lutz

9-hole Club Champion - Debbie Beard

Handicap Tournament, March 29-30, 2023

27 of our WGA members participated in our annual Handicap Tournament which was a two-day, net event. What an amazing couple of days of golf we had this week.  Beautiful weather, a fantastic outdoor lunch, lots of laughs….and lots of winners! It really couldn’t have gone better!

And the winners were: 
9 HOLE OVERALL CHAMPION         Debbie Beard
18 HOLE OVERALL CHAMPION       Debra Rylander

18 HOLERS    

       2nd NET    Paula Brown
       3RD NET    Laura Mendenhall
       4TH NET    Kathy Urbish
       5TH NET    Mindy Benefield
       6TH NET    Marilyn Terrell
       7TH NET    Julie Huber
CLOSEST TO PIN 23+ Handicap - Grove #3 -  Paula Brown
CLOSEST TO PIN < 23 Handicap - Grove #6    Sharon Gregory        
STRAIGHTEST DRIVE - Pecan #1 - Evelyn Walters

Handicap Champ 18 holes - Debra Rylander.jpg
Handicap Champ 9 holes - Debbie Beard.jpg

Debra Rylander (left), 18-Hole Champion

Debbie Beard(right), 9-Hole Champion

All Winners (below)

Handicap - All Winners.jpg
                                    President's Cup Tournament, May 25 and 26, 2022

After two amazing days of beautiful weather and great golf we have finished the President’s Cup for 2022.  I want to congratulate the winners listed below and Thank a few people who did a wonderful job to make this tournament so successful.  Nancy Crocker did an fantastic job with our lunch, decorations, snacks etc. Vicki Becker baked her way into our hearts with her assortment of muffins and bread in the locker room and Carol Russell made an amazing berry trifle that looked as pretty as it tasted!  Thank you to Cathy Lutz for the beautiful trophies, and to Cathy O’Leary for running our raffle and sign in sheets.  And of course as always, Thank you to Sharon Gregory for being my sounding board!.

Here are the winners below. The scores were close and there were several score card playoffs.  Our next major tournament is the Member/Member in late August.


Special contest winners were:               


Closest to the Line Drive:                      Fran d'Autremont    

18 Holers 22+ Hcp closest to the pin:     Nancy Crocker     

18 Holers 0-22 Hcp closest to the pin:    Fran d'Autremont

Raffle Winner:                                      Marilyn Terrell

Tournament results:

9 Hole Division 

CHAMPION - Jan Johnson



18 Hole Division


CHAMPION - Carol Russell


Champ Flight    1st place Gross - Sharon Schlauch

                      1st place Net - Debra Rylander

                      2nd place Net - Sharon Gregory


1st Flight         1st place Net - Julie Huber

        2nd place Net - Fran d'Autremont

        3rd place Net - Beverly Lindquist 

2nd Flight        1st place Net - Beverly Gerber

                      2nd place Net - Paula Brown

Jan Johnson - 9-holer result_edited.jpg
Carol Russell - 18-hole winner_edited.jpg
3 Groups.png

President's Cup 

Member / Member - August 27, 2022

Big smiles, Big wins, and Big fun at the 2022 Member-Member Scramble. The rain held off and we celebrated with a wonderful luncheon. Dave Esch guided us through like a pro; thank you Dave! Good job ladies!!

1st place - Laura Mendenhall and Nancy Crocker

2nd place - Sharon Schlauch and Julie Huber

3rd place - Sharon Gregory and Linda Nobles

4th place - Ramona Pullin and Teresa Howard

mendenhall and crocker_edited_edited.jpg
nobles and gregory.jpg
huber and schlauch_edited.jpg
pullin and howard_edited.jpg

WGA Club Championship, Oct 12 and 13, 2022


We had two amazing days of golf last week for our WGA Club Championship! Just a few thank yous and then on to the results.  Nancy Crocker did an amazing job with the luncheon and snacks, as well as our resident baker Vicki Becker.  That apple bread was out of this world.  Thank you both.  A huge thank you to Dave Esch for all he does to make our tournaments come off effortlessly.  Next time you see Dave, please say thank you for his work! This is our last Major Tournament for the year…see you all in the Spring for our Handicap Tournament!

18-Hole Club Champion ........Debra Rylander

18-Hole Senior Champion .....Kathy Urbish

18-Hole Super Senior Champion .....Cathy Lutz

9-Hole Champion - Debbie Beard

S Champ.jpg
SS Champ.jpg

               Other Winners:

                                           First Flight :      18-Hole 1st Low Net ....Riza Kreuiter

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole Low Gross ......Sue Atkinson

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole Low Net .........Cathy O'Leary

                                           Third Flight   :   18-Hole Low Gross.......Bev Gerber

                                           Third Flight   :   18-Hole 1st Net...........Minnie Benton

                                           Third Flight   :   18-Hole 2nd Net..........Vicki Becker



                                          Lower Handicaps Closest to the Pin: Sharon Schlauch

                                          Higher Handicaps Closest to the Pin: Sue Baralt


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