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Recent Tournament Results 
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2024 Handicap Tournament

9-hole Champion - Debbie Beard

18-hole Champion - Riza Kreuiter

2023 President's Cup Tournament

9-hole Champion - Diana Rayle

18-hole Champion - Martha Durio

2023 Member/Member Tournament

Sharon Schlauch and Koren DeSplinter

2023 WGA Club Championship

18-hole Club Champion - Sharon Schlauch

18-hole Senior Club Champion - Riza Kreuiter

18-hole Super Senior Club Champion - Cathy Lutz

Handicap Tournament, March 27-28, 2024

Thanks to everyone who played in our Handicap Tournament this year.  What a beautiful day we had today for our final round.  It was a fun two-day event and we crowned some great Champions.  Check out all the players and Winners on our Facebook page.

And the winners were: 
9 HOLE OVERALL CHAMPION         Debbie Beard
18 HOLE OVERALL CHAMPION       Riza Kreuiter

9 HOLERS    

       2nd NET     Nancy Crocker

18 HOLERS    

       2nd NET     Bev Gerber
       3RD NET    Marilyn Terrell
       4TH NET    Mindy Benefield
       5TH NET    Vicki Becker
       6TH NET    Sharon Gregory
       7TH NET    Deb Bray
CLOSEST TO PIN 23+ Handicap -  Mindy Benefield
CLOSEST TO PIN < 23 Handicap - Marilyn Terrell       
CLOSEST TO PIN 9-holers - Nancy Crocker 

2024 - Riza.jpg
2024 - beard.jpg

Riza Kreuiter (left), 18-Hole Champion

Debbie Beard(right), 9-Hole Champion

All Winners (below)

2024 handicap - all.jpg
                                    President's Cup Tournament, May 24 and 25, 2023

Once again, we had two amazing days of weather, some great golf and lots of laughs at the WGA President’s Cup Tournament.  A million thank yous to Vicki Becker for ALL she did to make the tournament super yummy and beautiful!  Also Kathy Urbish did an amazing job on the awards.  Those were beautiful!! And finally, a big shout out out to Julie Huber our tournament chair.  Thank you for all you did to make it a great tournament!


Below is a list of all of the winners. Congratulations!!!  Our next major tournament is the Member/Member in late August.


Special contest winners were:               


Closest to the Line Drive:                      Marilyn Terrell    

18 Holers 22+ Hcp closest to the pin:     Ann Chumchal     

18 Holers 0-22 Hcp closest to the pin:    Sharon Schlauch

Raffle Winner:                                      Fran d'Autremont

Tournament results:

9 Hole Division 

CHAMPION - Diana Rayle


Presidents Cup Scoreboard.jpg

18 Hole Division


CHAMPION - Martha Durio


Champ Flight    1st place Gross - Sharon Gregory

                      1st place Net - Pat Canipe

                      2nd place Net - Sue Atkinson


1st Flight         1st place Net - Julie Huber

        2nd place Net - Paula Brown

        3rd place Net - Marilyn Terrell

2nd Flight        1st place Net - Carol Russell

                      2nd place Net - Fran Bachan

                      3rd place Net - Bev Gerber

Presidents Cup Champ 9 holes - Diana Rayle - 2.jpg
Presidents Cup Champ 18 holes - Martha Durio - 2.jpg
Presidents Cup.jpg

President's Cup 

Member / Member - August 26, 2023

I think it is safe to say that our Member/Member two day Extravaganza was a success.  The pairings party, with all of the yummy food, locker room snacks provided by our own Vicki Becker, and lunch ( at an amazing price if you ordered the tacos) were all great!!  A quick thank you to Cathy O’Leary and Fran Bachan for collecting our  tournament fees and 50/50 money, to Vicki Becker for the snacks, to Martha Durio, Fran Bachan and Teresa Howard for putting out water on the course and to Dave Esch for all of his co-ordination efforts and para mutual fun….it takes a village, and we have a very strong one.

1st place - Sharon Schlauch and Koren DeSplinter

2nd place - Sharon Gregory and Martha Durio

3rd place - Ann Chumchal and Allie Coogan

1st place - 9-hole division - Carol Russell and Debbie Beard

Closest to the Pin:  Handicaps 25 and up:    Koren DeSplinter

                     Handicaps 25 and below: Gayle Cline


       50/50 Raffle winners

           Cash: ($90) - Bev Gerber 

          Tote Bag - Amiee Modic

             Hat - Karen Hubert

MM - Sharon and Koren.jpg

1st Place - Sharon Schlauch and Koren DeSplinter

mm - Ann and Allie.jpg

3rd Place - Ann Chumchal and Allie Coogan

mm- Sharon Gregory.jpg

2nd Place- Sharon Gregory and Martha Durio (not pictured)

MM - Carol and Debbie.jpg

1st Place 9-hole Division - Debbie Beard and Carol Russell

mm - WHOLE GROUP.jpg

Lunch afterwards

WGA Club Championship, Oct 11 and 12, 2023


Congratulations to all of the Winners of the WGA Club Championship Tournament.  We started with a little rain delay, but finished with two pretty spectacular days of golf.  Huge Thank Yous to Vicki Becker and her amazing snacks and beautiful lunch.  She always goes above and beyond and we all appreciate it so much.  Kathy Urbish out did herself with the fabulous prizes for the Winners!!  Fran Bachan and Cathy O’Leary were there to sign us all in and sell 50/50 raffle tickets (Congratulations to Martha Durio on winning the $$).  Thank you to all for your part in making OUR tournament such a success.  

18-Hole Club Champion ........Sharon Schlauch

18-Hole Senior Champion .....Riza Kreuiter

18-Hole Super Senior Champion .....Cathy Lutz


Club Champ.jpg
Sr Champ.jpg
Super Sr Champ.jpg

               Other Winners:

                                           First Flight :      18-Hole 1st Low Net ....Debra Rylander

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole 1st Net ..........Ann Chumchal

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole 2nd Net .........Deb Bray

                                           Third Flight   :   18-Hole Low Gross.......Vicki Becker

                                           Third Flight   :   18-Hole 1st Net...........Linda Nobles

                                           Third Flight   :   18-Hole 2nd Net..........Fran Bachan



                                          Lower Handicaps Closest to the Pin: Sharon Gregory

                                          Higher Handicaps Closest to the Pin: Carol Russell

                                          Straightest Drive: Ann Chumchal


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