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2021 Handicap Tournament

9-hole Champion - Dianne Gorsha

18-hole Champion - Linda Nobles

2021 President's Cup Tournament

9-hole Champion - Diana Rayle

18-hole Champion - Beverly Gerber

2020 Member/Member Tournament

Kelly Huber and Evelyn Walters

2020 WGA Club Championship

18-hole Club Champion - Sharon Schlauch

18-hole Senior Club Champion - Debra Rylander

18-hole Super Senior Club Champion - Judy Sullivan

9-hole Club Champion - Deborah Massey

9-hole Senior Club Champion - Norma Prine

Handicap Tournament, April 7 and 8, 2021

33 of our WGA members participated in our annual Handicap Tournament which was a two-day, net event. What an amazing couple of days of golf we had this week.  Beautiful weather, a fantastic outdoor lunch, lots of laughs….and lots of winners! It really couldn’t have gone better!

And the winners were: 
9 HOLE OVERALL CHAMPION         Dianne Gorsha
18 HOLE OVERALL CHAMPION        Linda Nobles

9 HOLERS        

       2nd NET    Marilyn Ewing
18 HOLERS    

       2nd NET    Fran Bachan
       3RD NET    Laura Mendenhall
       4TH NET    Debra Rylander
       5TH NET    Nancy Crocker
       6TH NET    Kristine Lehn
       7TH NET    Julie Huber
       8TH NET    Kathy Urbish
       9TH NET    Cathy Lutz
CLOSEST TO PIN 9 HOLERS:    Plantation #8    Dianne Gorsha
CLOSEST TO PIN 18 HOLERS – 24+    Pecan #4    Kristine Lehn
CLOSEST TO PIN 18 HOLDERS - < 24    Pecan #7    Sharon Gregory
STRAIGHTEST DRIVE:    Plantation #4    Paula Brown

Linda Nobles Handicap 2021.jpg
Dianne Gorsha Handicap 2021.jpg

Linda Nobles (left), 18-Hole Champion

Dianne Gorsha (right), 9-Hole Champion

9 Holers Group Handicap 2021.jpg
2021 Handicap.jpg
                                    President's Cup Tournament, May 12 and 13, 2021

The 2021 President's Cup brought great golf, great weather, great competition and a great luncheon. Congratulations to the 2021 Champion for the 18 holers, Beverly Gerber. Congratulations to the 2021 Champion for the 9 holers, Diana Rayle. The chairperson, Julie Huber wishes to thank Laura Mendenhall and Nancy Crocker for the amazing work they did on our Fiesta Luncheon, snack bags and Tee Gifts. Julie also wants to thank Jan Girndt and Duang Putnam for their work on the trophies.  They were lovely and should be a wonderful reminder for Beverly and Diana of their successes. Once again, Sharon Gregory provided assistance with a wealth of knowledge on tournaments. And of course, Fran Bachan was there to help every step of the way with her efforts and support.

Here are the winners below. The scores were close and there were several score card playoffs, including one that went five holes.  Even the Overall 18 hole Championship was a playoff between Riza Kreuiter and Beverly Gerber that went two holes.  Our next major tournament is the Member/Member in September.


Special contest winners were:               


Straightest Drive:                                 Latha Naidu     

9 Holers closest to the pin:                    Diana Rayle      

18 Holers 24+ Hcp closest to the pin:     Paula Brown      

18 Holers 0-23 Hcp closest to the pin:    Sharon Gregory

Raffle Winner:                                      Norma Prine

Tournament results:

9 Hole Division 

CHAMPION - Diana Rayle

1st Flight       1st place Net - Mary Lou Basset


18 Hole Division


CHAMPION - Beverly Gerber


1st Flight       1st place Gross - Gayle Cline

                     1st place Net - Riza Kreuiter


2nd Flight       1st place Net - Cathy O'Leary

       2nd place Net - Julie Huber   

3rd Flight        1st place Net - Paula Brown

                      2nd place Net - Vicki Becker

President's Cup 

Member / Member - September 12, 2020

We started the day with a north breeze and 32 ladies ready to play golf.  We had breakfast, had drinks on the course, had a whole lot of laughs, had a great lunch and after announcing the winners paid out some $ to those winners as well as winners who bet on the winning team.  The event went off as planned and it was great seeing so many ladies out!  The results are below.  Congrats to everyone!




















Kelly Huber (right) and Evelyn Walters (left) - Member / Member Champions


1st place – Kelly Huber and Evelyn Walters – 73 gross, 65.3 net

2nd place – Sharon Gregory and Duang Putnam – 75 gross, 67.3 net

3rd place -  Cathy O’leary and Fran Bachan – 82 gross, 70.1 net

4th place – Amiee Modic and Teresa Howard – 81 gross, 70.8 net – scorecard playoff with 5th place

5th place – Sharon Schlauch and Minnie Benton – 78 gross, 70.8 net – scorecard playoff with 4th place

Betting – we paid the top 2 spots

  • 1st place – Huber/Walters (Team #5) - $2 bet paid $13

  • 2nd place – Gregory/Putnam (Team #3) - $2 bet paid $11

Raffle Results

$50 PGA Superstore Gift card – won by Nancy Crocker

Round of golf for 4 at Willow Fork – won by Amiee Modic

2020 Mem-Mem.jpg

Beginning of the Tournament

WGA Club Championship, Oct 7 and 8, 2020


Thirty-seven of our WGA members participated in our annual Club/Senior/Super Senior Championship tournament and we had a great show of comradery, sportsmanship and true friendship. Congratulations to all of the participants and to all of the winners.  This was a two-day tournament where we crowned our Club, Senior and Super Senior Champions in the 18-hole division and the Club and Senior Champions in the 9-hole division. We also awarded net and gross prizes to individuals by flight. 

Many thanks go out to Julie Huber and Fran Bachan. These ladies, once again, handled all of the food (“goodie bags” and working with the club on lunch). Julie also handled the awesome tee gifts and stepped in at the last minute for the awards and got beautiful crystal vases and bases for the champions. These events would not happen without their contributions of time and creativity!  A big thanks to Deborah Massey who helped get our rules “in shape” for the tournament.  Also a big thank you to Dave and Brian who handled getting the course ready, getting scorecards in place and the scoring! 

18-Hole Club Champion ........Sharon Schlauch

18-Hole Senior Champion .....Debra Rylander

18-Hole Super Senior Champion .....Judy Sullivan

9-Hole Club Champion ........Deborah Massey

9-Hole Senior Champion .....Norma Prine

               Other Winners:

                                           First Flight :      18-Hole Low Net ....Laura Mendenhall

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole Low Gross ....Sue Atkinson

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole 1st Low Net ....Sue Baralt

                                           Second Flight:   18-Hole 2nd Low Net ....Catherine Ping

                                           Third Flight:      18-Hole Low Gross ....Julie Huber

                                           Third Flight:      18-Hole 1st Low Net .....Linda Nobles

                                           Third Flight:      18-Hole 2nd Low Net ....Cathy O'Leary

                                           Fourth Flight:    18-Hole Low Gross ....Paula Brown

                                           Fourth Flight:    18-Hole 1st Low Net ....Minnie Benton

                                           Fourth Flight:    18-Hole 2nd Low Net....Latha Naidu

                                                        9-Hole Low Net ....Marilyn Ewing