United States Golf Association. One of the core functions of the USGA is to write and interpret the Rules of Golf. The Association does this in conjunction with the R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland. The USGA also sets guidelines for competitions and Amateur Status. Learn and play by the rules for maximum enjoyment of the game. 


Do you know the procedure for lifting your ball for identification?


  • Q. Am I permitted to lift a ball that I believe is mine to identify it?


  • A. Yes, under Rule 12-2, a ball may be lifted for identification. You must announce your intention to lift the ball to your opponent, fellow-competitor or marker, and mark the position of the ball. You may then lift the ball and identify it, provided that you give your opponent, fellow-competitor or marker an opportunity to observe the lifting and replacement. This may be done anywhere on the course, including when the ball lies in a hazard (Rule 12-2).


WGA play is governed by the rules set out by the USGA. The USGA has produced a series of short videos answering many of the common questions of play. WGA recommends that all members watch the videos and familiarize themselves with the rules.

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