Local Rules

All USGA Rules will apply with the following exceptions:


  • Embedded Ball Rule is in effect.


  • Lift Clean and place is in effect on cart path only events and play days.


  • Water Penalty areas are marked with Red Lines and or Stakes. A player has 3 options for relief under USGA Rule 17.


  • In the General Area (previously referred to as through the green) the player may take relief from all paved cart paths, active ant beds, cart and equipment ruts, sprinkler control boxes and tee box monuments.USGA Rule 16 applies.


  • A player may take relief from “Ground Under Repair” that may not be marked by white lines or stakes, such as drainage trenches that have not been filled in or irrigation construction sites. Only if it interferes with her stance or swing.


  • A player may take relief if ¼” or more of her ball is in a ground crack caused by extreme weather.

  • There are drop areas on Plantation #3 and Grove #6.These will be circular areas that are mowed shorter than the fairway grass.


  • Temporary Ground Under Repair is in effect and may not be marked. The large tree debris on Grove #8 and Pecan #2 located close to the green and near the cart path. Free relief may be taken by finding the nearest point of relief including your stance plus one club length no nearer the hole.  This local rule is subject to change.


  • Temporary Ground Under Repair is in effect and may not be marked on Hole #6 Plantation here loose sand is found. Free relief may be taken. This local rule is subject to change.


  • A player may not get free relief from mulch around trees but will play the ball as it lies or deem it unplayable and follow the guidelines under USGA Rule 28c.

  • White stakes define “Out of Bounds.” Any ball coming to rest on or over a bordering fence or road is out of bounds. There is no free relief from bordering fences or boundary markers around the course.

  • Yardage markers are measured to the center of the green, including the blue, white, red and gold fairway markers. Sprinkler heads are measured to the front of the green.

  • 2019 Local Rule provides an alternative to stoke and distance relief for a ball that lost or out of bounds. For 2 strokes the player determines where the ball went out of bounds or is likely to be lost. Find the nearest fairway edge and drop the ball 2 club lengths into the fairway. Play the ball from here.

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