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Captains Sharon Gregory & Debra Rylander
Captains Mindy Benefield & Kathy Urbish
Captain Jan Girndt

April 2021


Yesterday Riverbend Country Club hosted the first SW Interclub of the 2021 season.  After the events of 2020 it was a blessing to be able to be a part of this day.  I witnessed many happy reunions and overheard many genuine words of kindness and concern for one another. How fortunate we are to be a part of a much wider community of ladies who share the love of this game. Now for the details of the day.  


The driving range was closed due to the heavy overnight rains which made the golf course play longer than usual and the greens rolled a bit slower.  It was a cart paths only so those of you with a Fitbit should of met your walking goals for the day.  As previously mentioned this season will be grab and go lunches however Riverbend did provide outdoor seating for those who decided to stay and eat. As far as the results things were a little chaotic for many reasons so I have not received the officials results. I have a copy of all but one of the final team scores and with the photos I took was able to do the math for the missing team to calculate the team standings.  Below are the results for our team along with the calculations for each club competing.  For those of you that do not know I will try to explain  how the team standings are calculated.  

There are six clubs competing in SW Interclub this year and each club is awarded a point value based on the team total for that month. Team totals are calculated using one low gross score and three low net scores. Rules state that you may only use a team's score once. The most points a club/team can win at each event is 6, then 5,4,3,2,1 the club with the lowest team total receives 6 points and the club with the highest point total receives 1 point. The club with the most points at the end of the season will take home the traveling trophy. Our team total yesterday was 295 the scores and teams we used are listed below.  The team of Riza Kreuiter and Debra Rylander won 2nd net in the 1st Flight after a scorecard playoff against the team of  Laura Mendenhall and Cathy Lutz. The other ladies that joined us yesterday were Sue Atkinson, Beverly Lindquist, Marilyn Terrell, Mindy Benefield, Beverly Gerber , Cathy O'Leary and Paula Brown. Sadly we listed Paula and Cathy as alternate team and were unable to use their Low Net score of 70.  It's always a guessing game on who to list as an alternate team. Alternate teams get to compete for day money but we can not use their score for our team total.  Our next event will take place on May 20 at Sweetwater Country Club sign up now if you wish to join us.  



Sharon Schlauch & Sharon Gregory        84 low gross

Riza Kreuiter & Debra Rylander              69 low net

Laura Mendenhall & Cathy Lutz              69 low net

Gayle Cline & Kathy Urbish                    73 low net

Team Total        295                            


SW Interclub Standings

1st Place   Hearthstone     269 team total = 6 points

2nd Place  Sweetwater      284 team total = 5 points

3rd Place  Riverbend        292 team total = 4 points

4th Place  Pecan Grove     295 team total = 3 points

5th Place Sugar Creek      298 team total = 2 points

6th Place Quail Valley      305 team total = 1 point



Sharon Gregory and Debra Rylander

SW Interclub Representatives 2021

January 2021

Roadrunners Interclub season starts May 27, 2021 at Weston Lakes.





March 2021


It was not the best day for Pecan Grovers for our first Tee Timers tournament of the year as we came in last place and no one placed in any of the flights.  But it was a beautiful day and we had 5 players.  The three players who score counted were Jan Girndt, Rosina Foster and Latha Naidu.  We were happy that Dianne Gorsha and Kay Crotts also played.  


It went very well all round for the tournament.  The greens and fairways at Willow Fork were in great shape and we enjoyed our box lunches.  We look forward to playing the next tournament on May 6th at Falcon Point and really do hope to have a full team of 8.


Thanks to all those who played.

Jan Girndt



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