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Latest News on 18 and 9 Hole Division Interclub Competitions

Latest 18 and 9 Hole Interclub News

Southwest Interclub
Captain Debra Rylander

October 2023


Congratulations to the following WGA members who participated in the Southwest Interclub tournament held at Willowfork Country Club October 18, 2023! Sharon Gregory, Laura Mendenhall , Kathy Urbish, Riza, Kreuiter, Sue, Atkinson, Paula Brown, Cathy Lutz, Deb Bray, Julie Huber, Mindy, Benefield, Ann Chumchal, Viki Becker, Beverly, Gerber, and Linda Nobles.


Our team placed 7th today with a score of 282:

Low Gross 83

Sharon Gregory, Laura Mendenhall

Low Net

64 Sue Atkinson, Paula Brown

67 Julie Huber Mindy, Benefield

68 Kathy Urbish, Riza Kreuiter


Sue Atkinson and Paula Brown placed as day winners in the second flight, 3rd Net!


Thank you again for everyone who participated this year! It’s always a great experience and good time to play the other six clubs in our Southwest Interclub! This provides an opportunity to get to know members from other clubs, and enjoy sportsmanship and camaraderie with them.

Also, thank you to Pecan Grove pro shop, business office, and food service for all their help when it is our turn to host!


Debra Rylander and Mindy Benefield


We look forward to next year!






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