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Latest 18 and 9 Hole Interclub News

Southwest Interclub
Captain Gayle Cline
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Captain Sharon Gregory
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Captain Jan Girndt
October 17, 2019

As most of you know, we held the last SW Interclub of the year and the weather was picture perfect. Hosting these events require a lot of volunteers and staff to make the day run smoothly. Starting with the Pro-Shop, a big thanks to Dave, Brian, and Daniel (the grounds keeper) for working together to get the course in great condition, including rolling the greens. Even though we played lift, clean, and place, our group did not encounter unfavorable conditions. 


Thanks to the following men who helped keep the bag drop running smoothly:  Allen Girndt, Roger Gorsha, Sam Stone, Steve Sullivan and Mike Rylander. Thanks to Dianne Gorsha and Jan Girndt for checking in all 70 of the ladies who played on Thursday. Ms. Pat did a lovely job with the breakfast bar and making sure the guest and members were taken care of.  Savannah and crew from catering did a nice job with the dining room, and the chef couldn't keep up with the fried chicken portion of the salad bar.

The ladies at my table loved the fried chicken, so thank you chef. I hope I didn't forget anyone. 


Now for the ladies who played for our team. Kelly Huber and Sharon Gregory shot an 81, which was our Low Gross score for the day. Fran Bachan and Vicki Becker were on fire with a score of 94, which resulted in a Low Net score for the team of 62 and won Low Gross in the 3rd Flight. The two additional Low Net scores came from the team of Debra Rylander and Riza Kreuiter with a 65; they won 1st Low Net in the 1st Flight, then Debra Abshire partnered with Marilyn Terrell and they shot a Low Net score  of 67. We had a good showing from all of our teams including Lee Stone, Sue Atkinson, Julie Huber, Judy Sullivan, Cathy O'Leary and Latha Naidu. I also want to thank Ellen Sheehan who stepped in at the last minute and helped us out in several ways. She

was a marker, took photos and helped out Brian by handing out the prize winnings. 


Now for the final results, Riverbend retained the SW Interclub Trophy, our team came in third place, but it was a tight race for the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. It came down to one point for these top spots. I was happy to step in for Gayle Cline this year as she continues to recover from her accident. We have a great group of ladies that I am grateful to be a part of, as this year demonstrates how much we can accomplish when we all work together.

October 17, 2019

On Thursday we competed in Roadrunners Interclub at Weston Lakes Country Club. We were represented by nine, which included myself, Sue Atkinson, Latha Naidu, Debra Abshire, Catherine Ping, Susan Tucker, Laura Mendenhall, Kristine Lehn, and Marilyn Terrell. Thank you ladies!  We had several folks who played Interclub for the first time. I hope you had a good time and will be back next year!

Congratulations to Marilyn Terrell who won 2nd Net in the 3rd flight and Latha Naidu who won 3rd Net in the 5th flight.  We used scores from Latha Naidu (36), Marilyn Terrell (35), and Sue Atkinson (33) for our team score.


The team placed 4th for the day and ended the season, unfortunately, in 6th place.  It is tough to compete when we are not able to fill the roster; though this is about getting to play some beautiful courses with some great ladies from other clubs, so all good there! 


Weston Lakes won the event for the day and the winner of the 2019 Roadrunners Interclub was Hearthstone, just edging out Willow Fork by 2 points.

Thanks again to all that participated, not just Thursday, but all year long. We had a raffle at the end of the day where everyone who participated throughout the year had a name in the bucket for each time they competed.  I have money for the following people who won  that raffle (each getting $30):  Beverly Gerber, Belinda Brown, Gayle Cline, and Carol Russell. I will put it in my golf cart so the next time I see you I can give it to you. Congrats!

We are done for the year and will start back up in April of 2020. We will be the first club to host the event, so look for reminders next year so we can try to get a full field! 





September 14, 2019

Ladies, I am proud to announce that Latha Naidu placed 2nd in the First Flight at Royal Oaks last week. Way to go Latha!

Sadly our club standing is last place. 


Our last tournament with the Tee Timers will be on October 3rd at Hearthstone. Sign up is being posted for registration deadline of 7:00 am., Thursday, September 26th and cancellation deadline will be noon, Monday the 30th.  The fee is still $40, and I would appreciate you putting your check in the WGA box (will have a folder there and then I will get a club check to take to Hearthstone).



Although we notified them that we would not be back next year, I feel sure they would take us back after that if we have enough players that want to participate (maybe even the coming year, if our players  really want to). They did express sorrow to see us go; several of them expressed that they really like to play at our club.



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