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World Handicap System 2020:

Net Double Bogey

For handicap purposes only, the maximum score all

players will take on any hole is Net Double Bogey.

In simple terms, Net Double Bogey is Par + 2 + Any handicap strokes

you receive on that hole.

There is no limit to the number of holes in a round where a net double bogey adjustment may be applied.

Example:  A player with a course handicap of 24 scores a

9 on the #2 stroke index hole which is a par 4, so she

gets two strokes on this hole.  For handicap purposes,

she will reduce her score on that hole to an 8.


2 Strokes

Handicap Strokes Received


1.  When a Course Handicap is calculated at more than 54 strokes and a player receives 4 or more strokes on a hole, the maximum hole score is par + 5 for handicap purposes.  

2.  Before a Handicap Index has been established, the maximum score for each hole played is limited to par + 5 strokes.

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