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World Handicap System 2020:

Score Differential Calculation


            Adjusted Gross Score                                           

            Course Rating                                                       

            Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)*              

            Slope Rating                                                           


Score Differential (rounded to the nearest tenth) =

 (113 / Slope Rating) * (Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating 

 – PCC adjustment) 


  Score Differential = 113/125 * (94 – 73.0 – 0) 


 Score Differential = 19.0 

Score Differential for a 9-hole score = (113 / 9-hole Slope Rating) * (9-hole Adjusted Gross Score - 9-hole Course Rating - (0.5 * PCC adjustment).  A 9-hole Score Differential remains unrounded until combined with a second 9-hole Score Differential and an 18-hole Score Differential is calculated.

*Playing Conditions Calculation: Course Ratings are based on normal playing conditions, but the difficulty of a golf course can vary substantially from day to day due to course conditions, weather conditions and/or course set-up.  The Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) determines whether playing conditions on the day differed from normal conditions to the extent that an adjustment is needed to compensate.  It is a daily statistical automatic calculation that compares the scores submitted by players on the day against expected scoring patterns.  









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