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2017 Tournament Results 
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                                    President's Cup Tournament, April 12 and 13, 2017

Ladies, 39 of our WGA members participated in our annual President's Cup tournament This was a fun, two-day "eclectic" tournament (meaning you played the same course twice and took your best score on each hole from one of those two days to get your tournament score). The Weather cooperated, and Dave was very kind in letting us do 90 degrees on the course, even though we had some rain the day before (thank you)! 


I want to thank my team of Carol Russell, Lynne Hanrahan, and Belinda Brown. Carol and Lynne handled all of the food (breakfast on Wednesday, snacks in the locker room, and working with the club on lunch). They also handled the decorations for our luncheon and the tee gifts. Great job ladies! Belinda was in charge of awards and got some nice baskets and mugs with the President’s Cup Tournament etched on the mug. We hope the winners enjoyed these! Also, Donna Aelmore helped with decisions around course rules and handicaps, and Marilyn Terrell helped me tremendously as I had questions here and there throughout the planning process.  It was great working with such a great team!


Special contest winners were:               


Straightest Drive:                                 Cathy Lutz     

9 Holers closest to the pin:                    Carol Russell        

18 Holers 24+ Hcp closest to the pin:     Linda Nobles      

18 Holers 0-23 Hcp closest to the pin:    Gayle Cline

Cash Raffle (50/50):                              Riza Kreuiter

9-Hole Winners: Linda Ermalinski, Carol Russell, Dianne Gorsha, Louise Walton, Julie Huber, and Minnie Benton

18-Hole Winners: Nancy Stevens, Linda Nobles, Robin Cates, Diana Rayle, Gayle Cline, Cathy Lutz, Sue Atkinson, and Sharon Gregory

Trophies and gifts

Tournament results:


9 Hole Division

                     3rd place Net - Louise Walton

2nd Flight:     2nd place Net - Julie Huber

                     1st place Net - Minnie Benton   


1st Flight        3rd place Net - Linda Ermalinski

                     2nd place Net - Carol Russell

                     1st place Net - Dianne Gorsha


9-Hole President's Cup Champion, 2017:
Margaret Ashmore


18 Hole Division

3rd Flight       2nd place Net - Diana Rayle

                     1st place Net - Robin Cates


2nd Flight       2nd place Net - Linda Nobles

                     1st place Net - Nancy Stevens


1st Flight        2nd place Net - Cathy Lutz

                      1st place Net - Sue Atkinson

Championship Flight:  1st Net - Sharon Gregory

                                1st place Gross - Gayle Cline


18-Hole President's Cup Champion 2017:
Annie Gonzales

Margaret Ashmore (left), 9-Hole Champion, and

Annie Gonzales (right), 18-Hole Champion

Riza Kreuiter, Raffle Winner

Table decorations

Thanks again to everyone who played!!!


  Member/Member Tournament, May 20, 2017

Well the weather cooperated and we had a great day for our Member/Member tournament. We started Friday night at the club with our pairings party. Along with drawing names for teams, we had music, wine tasting, two new WGA signature drinks, appetizers, a putting contest, and even a little dancing! It was a fun time had by all. Once we drew names, Dave ran pari mutuel betting for us where we bet on teams. People brought their dollar bills and were throwing $1 bills at Dave, I mean betting like crazy. This added another fun element to it all. 


Our putting contest ended in a 5-way tie so we had to have a “putt off.” Congratulations to Gayle Cline who won it all!

On Saturday, we had 34 ladies teeing off.  We played a fun format of Net Best Ball, Scramble, and Shamble, which made it interesting for everyone and kept us on our toes, as we had to remember what we were doing on which holes. Here are the results:


9 Holers

1st Place Team:    Vicki Becker and Pat French

2nd Place Team:   Louise Walton and Koren DeSplinter


18 Holers

1st Place Team:    Victoria Pant and Julie Pape
2nd Place Team:   Belinda Brown and Annie Gonzalez

3rd Place Team:    Debra Rylander and Bili Shelburne               




















I might add that the winning teams on both sides paid out nicely for those that bet on them with the Becker/French team paying 4 to 1, and the Pant/Pape team paying 16 to 1! 

Marilyn Terrell won the 50/50 Raffle and pocketed $125, with the other $125 going to the WGA. 

A big thanks to Dave, Brian, and Jake for pulling the golf side of things together for us. As always, they did a great job! Also a big shout out to Carol Russell and Lynne Hanrahan who worked closely with Kirsten and Julie at the club to plan for a great Friday night event!  Take a look at our facebook page at to see some of the pictures, and even a video of the dancing (eeeek!).  Thanks to Paula Brown for doing such a great job with this. 

9-Hole Winners, Vicki Becker, Pat French, Koren DeSplinter, and Louise Walton

18-Hole First Place Winner Julie Pape

18-Hole 2nd Place Winners, Annie Gonzales and Belinda Brown

50/50 Raffle Winner, Marilyn Terrell


  Handicap Tournament, June 7-8 , 2017

Ladies--30 of our WGA members participated in our annual Handicap Tournament. It was a fun, two-day, all NET event. We were delighted to have awesome weather and awesome course conditions!  Dave, Jake and Brian, once again did a tremendous job helping us with the tournament!


Let me first thank my team of Carol Russell, Lynne Hanrahan, and Belinda Brown. Carol and Lynne handled all of the food; breakfast on Wednesday (with some help from Julie and her daughter), snacks in the locker room, and working with the club on lunch. They also handled the decorations for our luncheon and the tee gifts. Great job ladies! Belinda was in charge of awards and offered a bit of a change from crystal awards and went with a custom yard flag, plant, pot and CASH! I believe folks liked it! Way to go Belinda! Donna Aelmore was there to field any/all rules questions! It was great working with such a great team!


Below are the results of a great 2 days of golf:

9-Hole Handicap Tournament Champion:      Minnie Benton


18-Hole Handicap Tournament Champion:    Lee Stone







Other Winners (we paid 1/3rd of the Field):



2nd Net - Fran Bachan

3rd Net - Julie Huber

4th Net - Barbara Kinkade


2nd Net - Latha Naidu

3rd Net - Pat Canipe

4th Net - Pat Harper

5th Net - Sharon Gregory

6th Net - Beverly Gerber





Course Contest Winners were:               


Straightest Drive:                                 Donna Aelmore    

9 Holers closest to the pin:                    Minnie Benton        

18 Holers 24+ Hcp closest to the pin:     Cathy O'Leary      

18 Holers 0-23 Hcp closest to the pin:    Pat Harper

Cash Raffle (50/50):                              Cathy O'Leary


















2017 9-Hole Champion Minnie Benton

and 2017 18-Hole Champion Lee Stone

9-Holers: Fran Bachan, Julie Huber, Minnie Benton, and Barbara Kinkade

18-Holers: Sharon Gregory, Beverly Gerber, Pat Harper, Pat Canipe, Latha Naidu, and Lee Stone

Special Contest Winners: Donna Aelmore, Cathy O'Leary, Minnie Benton, and Pat Harper

WGA Club/Senior Championship, Oct 14 and 14, 2017


Ladies, 26 of our WGA members participated in our annual Club/Senior Championship tournament. This was a two-day tournament where we crowned our Club and Senior Champions in both the 9-hole and 18-hole divisions, and provided awards to the low net and low gross players. Though warm, the weather did cooperate and the course was in tremendous condition. A big thanks to Daniel and his course staff, as well as Dave, Jake, and Brian for making everything so nice for all of  us. 

I want to thank my team of Carol Russell, Lynne Hanrahan, and Belinda Brown. Carol and Lynne handled all of the food (breakfast on Friday, snacks in the locker room, and working with the club on lunch). They also handled the decorations for our luncheon and the tee gifts (remember, participants, there is a $15 pro shop gift certificate in your goodie bag – don’t lose it as this does NOT go on your account, you need to redeem it). Belinda was in charge of awards and did a wonderful job on the crystal vases for the champions. A big thanks to Marilyn Ewing and Charlene Martin for handling registration! 

Now, on to the tournament.

Here are your winners:

The Club and Senior Champions were those that posted the lowest total gross score for the two-day event in their division.  We had a 9-hole division and an 18-hole division.



18-Hole Division

These ladies came out ready to play, and play they did. We had many rounds posted in the 80’s, many ladies posting net scores well below their handicap, and a nice number of birdies and chip-ins keeping the competition exciting throughout. At the end of the 36-hole event there was a 3-way tie, so we had an exciting sudden-death playoff between Debra Rylander, Gayle Cline, and Sharon Gregory. An exciting finish for sure (though lunch was a bit delayed due to what ended up being a 3-hole playoff)!



18-Hole Club Champion........Sharon Gregory

18-Hole Senior Champion.....Debra Rylander

First Flight :      18-Hole Low Net.......Sue Atkinson

Second Flight:   18-Hole Low Gross....Lee Stone

Second Flight:   18-Hole Low Net.......Cathy Lutz

Third Flight:      18-Hole Low Gross....Linda Nobles

Third Flight:      18-Hole Low Net...... Nancy Stevens













9-Hole Division

The ladies in the 9-hole division made things exciting with just about everyone still in contention to win the championship going into day two of the tournament. There was some really great play, and a number of chip-ins from the field. Way to go ladies! At the end of the two-day event, the following winners prevailed:


9-Hole Club Champion........Carol Russell

9-Hole Senior Champion.....Vicki Becker

9-Hole Low Net..................Dianne Gorsha














Thanks again to everyone who participated. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the amazing camaraderie that was shown by all of the players. This tournament wraps up the WGA Major Tournaments for 2017. The WGA has our Member/Guest play day on Wednesday, November 1st. Be sure to sign up to play even if you don’t have a guest, as it will be a normal play day for us. Also, we will wrap up our playing year with the Turkey Shoot in mid-November, an event that everyone looks forward to. More to come on that, as well as our end-of-year Awards luncheon. 

18-Hole Club Champion, Sharon Gregory

18-Hole Club Senior Champion, Debra Rylander

18-Hole First Flight, Low

Net, Sue Atkinson

18-Hole Second Flight, Low Gross: Lee Stone

18-Hole Second Flight, Low Net: Cathy Lutz

18-Hole Third Flight, Low Gross: Linda Nobles

18-Hole Third Flight, Low Net: Nancy Stevens

9-Hole Club Champion, Carol Russell

9-Hole Club Senior Champion, Vicki Becker

9-Hole Low Net, Dianne Gorsha

The 18-Hole Division "playoff ladies," competing for the Club Championship. It took three holes!

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