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2016 Tournament Results 
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WGA Club/Senior Championship, Oct 14 and 15, 2016


FINALLY, great weather for a WGA tournament this year. We had two beautiful days for our Club/Senior Championship tournament. Thanks so much to the 28 ladies who supported this tournament and our new Champions.


I want to thank my committee who, once again, did a wonderful job. Gayle Cline decorated with Fall colors and made the room look wonderful. The meal she selected was quite tasty and enjoyed by all.  Vicki Becker rose to the occasion and helped Gayle and myself by handling the breakfast and locker room snacks. She also helped Gayle decorate the room the morning of the tournament. Bili Shelburne selected some beautiful Waterford bowls to set on top of the Champion bases for the winners to take home as keepsakes. Pat Canipe, as always, was my sounding board for the rules, and Diana Rayle saved me by coming up Friday and handling registration. Cathy Lutz took pictures for our website and the newsletter, and we all appreciate her doing this. You ladies have been the greatest all year, and I am forever grateful.


Special thanks to Dave and his staff for all they did to help this tournament run smoothly. It was nice to see Dave at our #1 tee box BOTH days, as well as our General Manager, Paul Belcher. It made us feel special!!!


I hope everyone had a great time!



Here are your winners:







18 Holers





1st Flight :  Low Net - Sharon Gregory

2nd Flight:  Low Gross - Marilyn Terrell

                  Low Net - Cathy O'Leary

3rd Flight :  Low Gross - Maria Chaffardet

                  Low Net - Donna Aelmore


9 Holers





1st Flight :  Low Net - Fran Bachan



Birdies and Chip-Ins:


Friday Birdies:   Debra Rylander, Pecan #2


       Chip-Ins:   Pat Canipe, Grove #7

                       Maria Chaffardet, Grove #7

                       Debra Rylander, Pecan #2


Saturday Birdies:   Belinda Brown, Grove #6

                            Ann James, Plantation #8

           Chip-Ins:    Vicki Becker, Grove #8

                            Belinda Brown, Grove #1

                            Maria Chaffardet, Plantation #2

                            Cathy Lutz, Plantation #3

                            Linda Nobles, Plantation #1


    Club Champion:  Belinda Brown (2nd year in a row)

    Senior Club Champion:  Pat Canipe

           Club Champion:  Julie Huber

           Senior Club Champion:  Minnie Benton

18-Hole WGA Champion Belinda Brown (right) and 18-Hole Senior Champion Pat Canipe (left)

9-Hole WGA Champion Julie Huber (right) and 9-Hole Senior Champion Minnie Benton (left)

18-Hole 1st Flight Low Net, Sharon Gregory (center)

18-Hole 2nd Flight Low Gross, Marilyn Terrell (right), and 2nd Flight Low Net, Cathy O'Leary (left)

18-Hole 3rd Flight Low Gross, Maria Chaffardet, and 3rd Flight Low Net, Donna Aelmore

9-Hole  Low Net, Fran Bachan

Thanks again to everyone who has supported our WGA this year by playing in one or more Major Tournament.   We are nothing without each others' support, and I am grateful to those of you who took the time to participate.  I hope everyone will continue to support these tournaments next year, as I hand off my grey hair to someone else. Ha!

Handicap Tournament, June 8 and 9, 2016


We were able to play our rescheduled Handicap Tournament this week under sunny skies. It was great getting together, after the weather we've had this year. Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially my Team of Gayle, Bili, Pat C., and Vicki. They all did a great job again. Thanks also to David Esch and his staff. They helped me to pull this event together in a successful way.

We started off Wednesday morning with breakfast provided by Gayle and Vicki. We had a warm and humid day to play in, but managed to have some great golf anyway. Lunch was on our own, but Gayle treated us afterwards with some yummy cupcakes for dessert.

Thursday brought another sunny day, but a breeze made it much more comfortable. After play, we lunched on fried chicken salad, followed by chocolate mousse. Our "Welcome to Summer Theme" was demonstrated in the table decorations of beach towels, seashells, sand toys, and plants as centerpieces in sand buckets. The winners were presented with beautiful crystal trophies on engraved bases that Bili had purchased. Thanks to Cathy Lutz for photographing the winners, and Cathy O'Leary for handling the 50-50 raffle. All in all it was a great two days.
And now for all your winners:


Special Contest Winners Were:


Straightest Drive:                             Amiee Modic

9 Hole closest to the pin:                   Paula Brown

18 Hole 24+ Hcp closest to the pin:    Deb Bray

18 Hole 0-23 Hcp closest to the pin:   Gayle Cline

Tournament results:


9 Hole Division


2nd place Net -  Dianne Gorsha

3rd place Net -  Linda Ermalinski   


9-Hole Handicap Tournament Champion, Kathy Ringrose


Special Contest winners: Amiee, Deb, Gayle, and Paula

9 Hole Handicap Tournament Champion, Kathy Ringrose

9 Hole winners: Linda, Dianne, and Kathy

18 Hole Division


2nd place Net -  Gayle Cline

3rd place Net -  Sue Atkinson  

4th place Net -  Linda Nobles

5th place Net -  Cathy O'Leary

6th place Net -  Sharon Gregory

7th place Net -  Norma Prine


18-Hole Handicap Tournament Champion, Riza Kreuiter

18 Hole winners: Gayle, Norma, Sharon, Riza, Cathy, Linda, and Sue

18 Hole Handicap Tournament Champion, Riza Kreuiter

50/50 Raffle Winner: Norma Prine

                                    President's Cup Tournament, April 13 and 14, 2016

Well we made it!!!  The weather forecasters had given us a scare but we were able to get both days in for our President's Cup. Thanks to David Esch, we were not cart path only either day, so we were all pleasantly surprised and pleased. The Pro Shop did a great job working with us on our Eclectic Format.  Special thanks to David, Brian and Jake for all their work on this tournament.


I want to thank my team of Gayle, Bili, Pat, and volunteer Vicki. Gayle and Vicki handled breakfast on Wednesday and snacks in the locker room. Vicki made us cupcakes for a special treat today. Gayle ordered up a yummy lunch of "build your own pasta" with Caesar Salad, fettuccini, Alfredo and Marinara sauce, chicken, pesto, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and spinach. It was a really great meal, topped off with cheesecake. The Club did a wonderful job, and everyone enjoyed it.


The tables were beautiful (of course) with Gayle's homemade flower arrangements and attention to the table settings. The tee gift of personalized bags was a hit, and assigned seating with name cards worked well. We even made the 9 Holers get out of their comfort zone and mix with the 18 Holers.  Ha! It's great getting to know each other better. 


Bili purchased beautiful Waterford vases to sit on the engraved bases for our Big Winners. You know Bili, she knows how to shop!!!


Thanks to Pat for stepping in and making some rule decisions before we played Wednesday. It's great having people working together to make it easier on me. Thanks also to Cathy Lutz for taking pictures of all our Winners for the website.


First day special contest winners were:               Second day special contest winners were:


Straightest Drive:                         Bili Shelburne      WGA Presidents' Quiz:      Pat Canipe

9 hole closest to the pin:               Vicki Becker         $$$ Game:                      Barbara Kinkade and Diana Rayle

24+ Handicap closest to the pin:    Cathy O'Leary      Cash Raffle:                     Gayle Cline and Cathy O'Leary

0-23 Handicap closest to the pin:   Gayle Cline

Tournament results:


9 Hole Division

2nd Flight:     2nd place Net - Maggie O'Hara

                     1st place Net - Dianne Gorsha   


1st Flight        2nd place Net - Vicki Becker

                     1st place Net - Barbara Kinkade


9-Hole President's Cup Champion, 2016 - Margo Otte

18 Hole Division

4th Flight       2nd place Net - Mary Lou Bassett

                     1st place Net - Latha Naidu


3rd Flight       2nd place Net - Donna Aelmore

                     1st place Net - Cathy O'Leary


2nd Flight       2nd place Net - Pat Harper

                     1st place Net - Cathy Lutz


1st Flight        1st place Net - Riza Kreuiter


                     1st place Gross - Pat Canipe


18-Hole President's Cup Champion 2016 - Nancy Stevens

Margo Otte, 9-Hole Champion (on the left)

Nancy Stevens, 18-Hole Champion (on the right)

Riza Kreuiter and Pat Canipe

Latha Naidu and
Mary Lou Bassett

Dianne Gorsha and
Maggie O'Hara

Barbara Kinkade and
Vicki Becker

Cathy Lutz and Pat Harper

Donna Aelmore and
Cathy O'Leary

Gayle Cline, Cathy O'Leary, Vicki Becker, and Bili Shelburne

Thanks again to everyone who played!!!


  Member/Guest Tournament, September 8, 2016

What a great day we had for our 2016 Pecan Grove OLYMPICS Member/Guest. Thank you so much to everyone who participated this year. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as your committee did.

It was definitely Olympic game time today out on the course. Players not only had to exhibit their golf skills, but their skills in games like Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Gymnastics, and Discus Throwing. We had our annual costume contest, of course, with several teams dressing as different sports etc...  Winners in these categories were:

Costume:                      Team Huber/Walton (the swim goddesses)
Soccer:                          Team O'Leary/Terrell
Tennis:                          Team Gregory/Kreuiter
Volleyball:                      Team Cline/B. Brown
Rhythmic Gymnastics:     Linda Nobles and Debra Hohn
Discus:                          Team Nobles/Gonzalez
I'd like to thank several people who helped make this event a success.  First of all our Social Chairman, Gayle Cline. Gayle did a great job with decorations downstairs and upstairs, and of course made those beautiful flower arrangements for our tables. She also handled all the food and beverage, and did an outstanding job again. Thanks to the food and beverage group, especially Katelyn, for working so well with Gayle on coordinating everything, and for our wonderful breakfast and lunch. Thanks to Vicki Becker for treats in the locker room. She always makes it special as she made several cookies from different countries. Pat Canipe helped me with handicaps and proofing my silly games. Thanks, Pat, for your help. Thanks to Cathy O'Leary for once again handling our 50-50 cash raffle. She helped to make us enough money to keep me under Budget.  Ha! Fran Bachan made the jello shots at our weight lifting station, and I always appreciate her doing this. Bob Brooks took our team pictures, and so I want to give he and Janey a special thanks for doing this again this year. My registration ladies, Kathy Ringrose and Margo Otte, were a big help this morning, so thanks to them for volunteering. Also thanks to Bill O'Leary, Dave Scheulen, and my husband Rick for helping with bags this morning. Special thanks to Rick also for all he's done this past month, including stuffing goody bags, and putting out/picking up equipment on the course. And lastly thanks again to Dave Esch and his staff for all their help with this tournament. They did a great job, and I couldn't have managed without them.

And now for our Winners:

1st Flight: 1st Gross:     Canipe, Massey, Anderson, and Thibodeaux
                 1st Net:       Rylander, Schlauch, Walters, and Earle
                 2nd Net:      Cline, B. Brown, Kosler, and Little

2nd Flight: 1st Gross:     Nobles, Gonzalez, Clay, and Hohn
                   1st Net:     Huber, Walton, Lawhon, and Eudaley
                   2nd Net:    Wingeleth, Hanrahan, Stano, and Hayword

Closest to the Pin (Members):   Deborah Massey
Closest to the Pin (Guests):      Jan Stano
Straightest Drive (Members):   Vicki Becker
Straightest Drive (Guests):      Parneli Heisey
50-50 Raffle:                          Linda Nobles


Some images from the day...



Costume Winner (Swim Goddesses) Team Huber/Walton

1st Flight 1st Gross: Team Canipe, Massey, Anderson, Thibodeaux

1st Flight 1st Net: Team Rylander, Schlauch, Walters, Earle

1st Flight 2nd Net: Team Cline, Brown, Kosler, Little

2nd Flight 1st Net: Team Huber, Walton, Lawhon, Eudaley

Raffle Winner: Linda Nobles

2nd Flight 1st Gross: Team Nobles, Gonzalez, Clay, Hohn

2nd Flight 2nd Net: Team Wingeleth, Hanrahan, Stano, Hayward

Soccer: Team O'Leary/Terrell

Tennis: Team Gregory/Kreuiter

Volleyball: Team Cline/Brown

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Team Nobles/Hohn

Discus: Team Nobles/Gonzales

Closest to the Pin,\: Stano and Massey

Straightest Drive: Heisey and Becker

Thanks again for a great turnout!!
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