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Principles of Net Par


A score equivalent to par plus handicap strokes the player receives for that hole.

Limits of Use

  • If at least 7 holes are played, scale up to a 9-hole score by recording net par for holes not played.

  • If at least 14 holes are played, scale up to an 18-hole score by recording net par for holes not played.

When Net Par is Applied

When a round is not completed and some holes are not played.

Examples when holes would not be played

  • Fading light or bad weather,

  • Playing injury or illness,

  • A match finishing before the final hole, or

  • A hole being declared out of play by the Committee for maintenance or reconstruction purposes.

Course Handicap

The player's full, unrestricted Course Handicap should be used for all applications of Net Par.

When Obtaining an Initial Handicap Index

The maximum score for each hole is limited to par + 5 strokes.

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